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The Global Doctors Alliance brings together the internationally renowned Global Doctors medical practice groups from Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Thailand, committed to provide seamless, quality medical care to patients across borders. Global Doctors Alliance has a network of 15 medical clinics, strategically located in the heart of the countries that we serve. Global Doctors Alliance clinics provides a full range of pediatric and adult care services ranging from primary to secondary care, as well as ancillary services such as rehabilitative, rejuvenative and repatriation services. All our partner clinics provide a warm and inviting environment for patient comfort and wellbeing.


• We aim to be the most comprehensive medical service provider, delivering quality patient care across Asia through our integrated network


• To be responsive to the needs of our patients, care providers, and colleagues, through a multidisciplinary team approach that enables the patient to receive optimum care.
• We value our patients and regard them as priority in every aspect of service that we provide.
• We strive to conduct our practices in a professional and ethical manner, with emphasis on respecting cross cultural differences and norms.
• We continuously strive to keep abreast with the latest medical technologies and practices.

For more information on individual partner clinics, please refer to the following country websites:


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