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The Global Doctor Chengdu Clinic is the first clinic to be opened by Global Doctors in China since 1999. It is conveniently located in the southern part of the city and is situated next to the American and German consulates. It has provided excellent quality health care for many expatriates from many countries who live and work in this region. The Chengdu Clinic is dedicated to ensuring that the clinic has high quality medical equipment and English speaking staff to cope with emergencies and difficulties in most circumstances. We offer multi-lingual services to assure the best possible healthcare in the local region. Languages include: Chinese, English, Japanese General customers: including Intel, Nokia, Chervon ect world 500 company, also we have cooperation with Aetna, GBG, Goodhealth, Cigna, Bupa, GMC, Wellbe, SSC, Mondial, Prestige,EAJ and PICC ect insurance company.


24 Hours Assistance Call :+86-028-85283638 +86-028-85283660
Emergency Call: 13982256966
Address: No.62 north of Kehua Road,Lippo tower,section S,2nd floor9-11,Chengdu,Sichuan Province, 610041,P.R.C
Fax:+86-028-85283667 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


• Routine Dental care
• GP Consultation and health check up
• Provision of treatment of medical emergencies
• Prenatal and antenatal care plan with post natal follow up
• X-ray examination and pathology analysis
• House calls and Hotels visits
• Vaccination and immunization
• Specialist and hospital referrals through Global Doctor’s specialists and hospital network
• Emergency stabilization and coordination of medical evacuation /repatriation
• International standard pharmacy
• Medical examination for visa
• A comprehensive range of corporate health care services
• Pre-employment, annual and relocation medical examinations
• The establishment of personal health records to develop personal health measures
• Implementation of health surveillance and disease tracking, to ensure the integrity of medical services
• First aid training
• Provision of first aid kit
• Genic test
• Visa health check up for Australia, NewZeland, Canada,Malaysia,Singapore and Switzerland
• Providing health check up for company and individual


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