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Our Global Doctor Nanjing Clinic was founded in 2008. It is situated on the Qin Huai River bank, providing general medical services according to international standards to all foreigners who work or travel in the Nanjing area, as well as providing specialized medical care for patients,if needed. Global-Nanjing Clinic has a renowned staff of experienced foreign doctors as well as an excellent medical support staff. The staff have extensive training and clinical experience. We provide medical services in English, Spanish, Portuguese,Japanese,Korean and Mandarin. Since our clinic's inception, we have been expanding our clientele, serving multi-national commercial groups such as are Siemens, Moravia, Continental AG, LG, Singapore Airlines, Nanjing International School, British School, Eton International School. By providing these multinationals with outstanding service, Global Doctor Nanjing Clinic maintains an exceptional reputation in the Nanjing Community. Based on the first year’s successful operation with the multinationals, we added a domestic Health Screening Center service in September 2009. It benefits Chinese domestic enterprises and High-end Commercial groups. The health Screening Center is equipped with first-class equipment and professional medical staff. Global Doctor's desire is to supply health checking services in a more professional, more comprehensive, more intimate and more personalized manner. Our medical facilities include: International standard Pharmacy, full Laboratory, X-Ray Equipment, General Diagnostic equipment, Dental equipment, Ultrasound equipment, ECG equipment, ophthalmic equipment, Gynecological equipment, Emergency room, and a special medical examination room.


Telephone No: 86 (25) 8651 9991
Facsimile No: 86 (25) 8657 9998
24 hours contact : 86(25) 8651 9991 or 13805174397(For emergency only)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Major medical services of Nokia China Campus Clinic:

• GP,Dental,Pediatrics,Gynecology/Prenatal, Chinesetraditional medicine,Physiotherapy, Chiropractic therapy,Sports Medicine
• Home visits
• Vaccine consultation
• Referral services for hospital
• Emergency transit
• Employees' annual check up and Health management plan

Dr.Douglas Colina

Dr.Douglas Colina has been working as general/family practitioner the last twenty years in South America, Europe and in China the last five years. He also has specialization in imagenology (radiology, abdominal-OBS-GYN pediatric ultrasound, CT scan, mammography). Dr.Douglas C. also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guang Zhou TCM university. He can speaks Spanish , English and Portuguese.


Dr.Gipson is from the U.S.A, is U.S. National Board certified in physiotherapy and additionally, a California certified massage therapist. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, San Jose, California. He has experience as a chiropractor in trauma clinics in the U.S. Florida, Texas and California, as well as partnership in a group of wellness clinics in Costa Rica. His chiropractic specialties are geriatrics, pediatrics, trauma, and sports injuries.

Dr.saima (Lily)

Dr.saima (Lily) is a foreigner medical doctor , graduated from xinjiang medical university China in 2000.She practiced in surgery, medicine in Government Mayo Hospital Lahore(pakistan), and other well known private hospitals .She is registered with PMDC ( PAKISTAN MEDICAL AND DENTEL ASSOCIATION) .She has many years of clinical experience in various specialties of medicine ,gynecology,surgery,and also specialises in fertility problems. Dr. saima is good at diagnosing and treatment of gynecological diseases, which include colpitis, cervicitis and other different pelvic diseases.Dr. saima is fluent in English, Chinese ,urdu languages.


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