First in Malaysia

Global Doctors Emergency Medical Ambulance Service (EMAS) managed by Global Doctors is the first of its kind in Malaysia with a fully integrated EMS system, following international guidelines and protocols.

Command Centre

Developed to efficiently respond to emergency distress calls. The Global Doctors Command Centre is fully equipped with state of the art facilities including Global Positioning System (GPS) and Advanced Vehicle Locating System (AVLS). Here at our Command Centre, we utilize the Sentinel programme, a specially formulated computer aided despatch programme and trained medical emergency despatchers who have undergone intensive training on medical triage and despatch and are ever ready to provide immediate prioritization for any emergency situation.


Our team of trained paramedics are certified and accredited to follow international best practices and standards. Global Doctors Rescue team are guided and trained by professional instructors carefully chosen to bring out the best in our team and to ensure that the best EMS practices have been adhered to.


The Global Doctors fleet uses the state of the art equipment and reputable vehicles specially designed with internal safety features that abide to world safety standards. Developed to be more than just a scoop-and-run ambulance, the Global Doctors ambulance is fully equipped to provide pre-hospital, emergency medical response and treatment on-board. Its ergonomically designed interior promises not only patient safety but also a pleasant and comfortable ride to the hospital.


Comprehensive Emergency Medical Response Services


24 hour medical consultation services through our hotline


Emergency Medical Assistance, Planning, Evacuation & Retrieval Services (Marathon, Treasure Hunt, Sports, etc)


Non-Emergency Patient Transfer


Interfacility Intensive Care patient transport


HeartSave Environment Planning