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As an initiative in support of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – or more commonly known as CPR – Global Doctors Mont’ Kiara held  FREE Mass CPR Training in 2010, 2013 and 2014. The trainings were conducted at Plaza Mont Kiara, Publika and 1 Mont Kiara respectively.

For the uninitiated, the procedure for saving lives by performing CPR has dramatically changed. There is no more ‘mouth-to-mouth’; therefore the new method has to be promoted as soon as possible.

If CPR is administered correctly within those first vital minutes of a cardiac arrest, the chances of full recovery are immense. Hence, everyone should be taught how to save a life, albeit family, friends or a stranger – through drowning, electrocution, sports events, accidents or even at home watching TV…Cardiac arrest can occur at any age and at any time!

The events were open to the public with no age limit; school children, adults and teachers alike were educated on what to do in an emergency. From the three events, Global Doctors can proudly claimed to have trained at least 500 – 600 people.

                                “Anyone can save a life with an AED. We will show you how”